How to Use Psychometrics in Human Resource

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human resourceSuppose you want to know companies offering the best towing services in Orlando, with a simple Google search, you can get the results. These results come as a result of marketers and advertisers doing what it takes to ensure their products are displayed on search engines. One way for marketers to know what customers what is by the use of psychometrics. Psychometric assessment in simple terms refers to the analytical process of measuring the mental capabilities and behavioral styles of people.

Psychometrics in Hiring Process

Psychometric assessments are used during hiring process to evaluate if candidates are most suitable for a given job. This is done based on personality characteristics as well as one’s cognitive abilities. Psychometric analysis determines the extent to which a candidate‚Äôs personality and cognitive abilities match with those required for a given role. Psycho simply means relating to the mind.

Online social media profiling

Employers are turning to social media profiling technology to conduct background checks to understand candidates better. What someone posts on social media these days goes to a big extend towards determining how they think and how they can behave in a given situation? Online psychometric analysis helps in determining trends such as bullying or harassment, negative comments about a brand, inconsistencies of facts, privacy issues among others.

Personality Tests

Employers are now assessing the extent to which one’s personality plays to a give role. They conduct these tests to assess how personality characteristics match those of the role a candidate applies for. Things that are well looked into include people leadership, project management skills, social confidence and interpersonal skills, analyzing situations in a structured way, emotional resilience and stress tolerance, working collaboratively with others, compliance with professional rules and regulations, among others.

Numerical Reasoning

Another aspect of psychometrics as far as hiring is concerned relates to the field of numerical reasoning. A numerical reasoning test is designed in such a way so as to measure one’s mathematical abilities and how they can quickly analyze numerical data and interpret it. The level of difficulty in these numerical reasoning tests are different based on the level of difficulty to different roles as well as the responsibilities bestowed upon someone.

Employers are more likely to place a moderate emphasis on one’s numerical reasoning test as they are important in ensuring a high performance in one’s new role. As an employee, you will be required to have a moderate numerical reasoning skills.


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